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Gorsuch calls same-sex marriage decision ‘settled law’

21 Mar 2017 17:31:49

Judge Neil Gorsuch referred to the Supreme Court’s recent same-sex marriage decision as “settled law,” using a stronger phrase than he has for other legal precedents. Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., asked Gorsuch to explain how his views on marriage equality have changed since 2004, when the George W. Bush administration was pushing for ballot initiatives that banned the practice in states. Gorsuch replied that sharing his “personal views” would send a misleading signal to the American people that he might be inclined to rule one way or another on future cases that come up on the subject.


Pelosi on health care fight: ‘Next 48 hours will be all hands on deck’

22 Mar 2017 09:45:10

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was asked by CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Tuesday whom she considers the current leader of the Democratic Party. “Well, President Obama was the president of the United States until a matter of weeks ago.


Father of Missing Tennessee Girl Holds On to Hope for Her Safe Return

21 Mar 2017 12:49:04

It has been eight days since Elizabeth Thomas disappeared. Police and Thomas' family believe her teacher, Tad Cummins not only kidnapped the teen but that the pair may now be married.


Ex-pharmacy exec convicted in deadly meningitis outbreak

22 Mar 2017 18:42:06

BOSTON (AP) — The former head of a Massachusetts pharmacy was acquitted Wednesday of murder allegations but convicted of racketeering and other crimes in a meningitis outbreak that was traced to fungus-contaminated drugs and killed 64 people across the country.


Mexico warns firms not in their interest to build border wall

22 Mar 2017 04:32:04

By Anthony Esposito MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexico's government on Tuesday warned Mexican companies that it would not be in their best "interests" to participate in the construction of U.S. President Donald Trump's border wall, though there will be no legal restrictions or sanctions to stop them if they tried. While some Mexican companies stand to potentially benefit from the controversial infrastructure project, residents south of the border view the wall and Trump's repeated calls to have Mexico pay for it as offensive.


Peru struggles with devastating El Niño flooding

21 Mar 2017 08:00:41

Peruvians struggled on Sunday to cope with avalanches, mudslides and extensive flash flooding caused by torrential downpours, and forecasters predicted still more rain ahead, prolonging the country’s woes. The highly unusual rains follow a series of storms that have struck hard along Peru’s northern coast, with voracious waters inundating hospitals and leaving some small villages isolated. Peru’s government said that 374 people were killed in 1998 during a similar period of massive rains and flooding caused by rains blamed on the El Niño climate pattern.


Ex-Clinton staffer: 8,000 millennial Democrats have told our new group they want to run for office

21 Mar 2017 17:03:53

On Election Day 2016, people vote at a polling place set up at the Kenter Canyon Elementary School in Los Angeles. A postelection political action committee founded by the email director of the Hillary Clinton campaign to encourage millennial Democrats to run for state and local offices reports that more than 8,000 people have taken the first step toward becoming candidates. Contacted by Yahoo News, Run for Something founder Amanda Litman explained what she thought was behind that astonishing number.


The End Is Near for Sears Holding Corp (SHLD)

22 Mar 2017 11:23:00

Struggling retailer Sears Holdings Corp (ticker: SHLD) admitted on Wednesday what the rest of Wall Street has known for a long time: it's quite likely Sears is doomed. In a 10-K filed late Tuesday with the Securities and Exchange Commission, toward the end of a section called "Uses and Sources of Liquidity," Sears's language became unusually dire. This was after it had gone through a long list of asset sales, loans and cost savings initiatives Sears has either previously engaged in, is currently engaged in, or is planning to engage in to shore up its balance sheets and stop the bleeding.


US suspects N Korea in $81 mn Bangladesh theft: report

22 Mar 2017 21:50:01

US federal prosecutors suspect the North Korean government directed last year's theft of $81 million from Bangladesh's account at the New York Federal Reserve Bank, according to a media report Wednesday. Citing unnamed sources, The Wall Street Journal said prosecutors were developing cases showing Chinese middlemen helped the North Korean government orchestrate the enormous theft from the Bangladesh central bank. In February 2016, thieves transferred the funds from Bangladesh's account at the New York Fed to accounts in the Philippines using authenticated international bank access codes in the SWIFT system, not by hacking the bank.


Franken calls Gorsuch dissent in trucker case ‘absurd’

21 Mar 2017 17:53:03

Minnesota Sen. Al Franken recalled his comedic past in a contentious exchange with Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch Tuesday during the judge’s confirmation hearing. Franken was questioning Gorsuch on the case of Alphonse Maddin, a trucker who was fired after his trailer broke down in subzero temperatures. Gorsuch concluded in a dissent that it wasn’t illegal for the company to fire Maddin for seeking safety, writing that “it might be fair to ask whether TransAm’s decision was a wise or kind one, but it’s not our job to answer questions like that.

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